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Websites that adapt to all types of media and are optimised to
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Web design

A tailor-made solution
for every web project

From showcase sites to e-commerce sites, a web agency can provide you with a tailor-made solution for each of your projects. It allows you to create your own medium to communicate about your business and reach as many Internet users as possible. During the creation of the La Meilleure Info website, a number of skills came into play to create a complete and successful web solution, including graphic design, ergonomics, hosting and web referencing. It’s important to choose the right website for your web presence.

Graphic design

Which website for your project?

Showcase website

Design a beautiful website to showcase your company’s products and services, without selling them online. A dynamic, scalable solution with full administration.

Company blog

Company blog

It allows you making your firm a reference in a specific field of activity an domain, in addition to boosting your company’s visibility thanks to structured web content.

E-commerce website

An e-boutique or website offers web interfaces for the sale of products online. The efficiency is based on the adequacy between the graphic design and the field of your activity.

Community website

It offers Internet users the necessary interfaces so that they can easily exchange and interact with each other thanks to an attractive and captivating graphic design.

Web marketing

Developing your
brand image

Brand image is the public perception of a company and its products. A brand image is not created overnight but must be worked on gradually. It should not only be the prerogative of the marketing department, but everyone must contribute to it in their own way. To succeed in your digital strategy, you need to think about your key message, define your corporate culture and work on the content marketing of your brand.

brand image

Graphic design

Opting for a visual identity!

Logo creation

A logo makes it possible to recognise a company and differentiate it from others. It must also reflect the company’s values and be part of a visual communication strategy. The logo also has the role of attracting potential customers by seducing them, provided it is created by graphic design professionals. It conveys a message to a well-targeted clientele.

Graphic charter

Graphic charter

The creation of a corporate graphic charter ensures consistency and total harmonisation in all your communication media. Thus, documents originating from your firm are quickly recognised by clients. It defines the basic rules for the use of your graphic elements whatever the communication medium used.


It is all the different techniques used to package a product in order to present it in the most beautiful way to your customers. A packaging is not only about protecting the product and the brand image, but also about selling and advertising it. It must combine creativity and regulation. It must be customised in a good way for users!

Web referencing

Putting your website
on search engines

SEO is about making sure your website will appear at the top of search engine results. The further your page moves away from the first results, the fewer visits will be to your website. Keywords are the basis of SEO, then come the rules of SEO, including the correct use of internal and external links and tags. SEO is very important.